First Post

We are Michele and Bel, the gals behind Rough Idea Designs. Rough Idea Designs is a small business based on the Central Coast of NSW (yep divine we know), that designs and produces a variety of concrete homewares and jewellery. Every single one of our products is handcrafted by us, and we love that each item has its own little personality.

Rough Idea began out of a passion for design, homewares, and all things concrete. Oh how we adore concrete. We found we could not go past the texture, strength and beauty of this material, and being so indecisive (ok that’s mainly Bel), we love that concrete is so versatile, and allows for so many options when creating different objects. We started out experimenting in the old family garage (oh yeah did we mention we are sisters? Minor detail, and yes little sis is the boss!), as a creative outlet, cause you know, life stress. We found that we actually really enjoyed it, so decided to give the whole business thing a go more seriously this year.

We started out making vases, and have now added candle holders, bowls, and most recently some seriously awesome pendants to our range. We love experimenting with different coloured concretes, at the moment our great love is pink. Seriously can’t get enough! One of the things we genuinely adore about our products is that they are both unique and so versatile. They suit such a range of spaces and styles. We appreciate that some things in life take time to make, and enjoy creating each piece by hand. In a time where so many things are instantaneous and mass produced, we wanted to create something that takes a little time and effort. And we hope other people appreciate that too.

Relatively new to Insta, @roughideadesigns, we love being able to connect with other makers, creators and design lovers. We also love being able to play around with styling our products in a variety of spaces, creating all sorts of different looks. Michele is the gal responsible for styling and shooting most of our products, and she has a blast doing it.

Currently we are selling our products through our website although are exploring some other options too.

What does the future hold? Who knows…….but it will most likely involve concrete. Lotsa concrete.