Care Guidelines – Concrete is fragile so please handle with care.

Vases & Planters
We are sure you have this covered- but just in case we have a few tips that will prolong the life of your purchase.

For cleaning the very fragile items, we recommend just using a damp cloth and cold water, to give it a quick wipe. Nothing to fussy, just simple!

If using one of our amaaaazing vessels as a plant holder- we find it best to use the black plastic plant holder provided. That way you can take it out to water your little plant, and then pop it back in once your plant is rehydrated. This will avoid lots of water pooling at the bottom of the planter, which may shorten your little planters lifespan, and could lead to manky stains…..not ideal.

Our products are pretty tough little cookies, but to state the obvious, they are breakable. So keep them in a safe and stable place away from clumsy family members, kiddies, and fur baby’s that might create havoc around breakable goodies.

These guys are very fragile, so please handle with care. They can tolerate a small amount of water, but make sure you wipe them over with a clean, dry cloth regularly. They are not to be used as chopping boards and not for food either. As concrete is porous it will absorb stains, so don't put anything on them that can stain.

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